Law Society Yacht Club

Since 1952

Solicitors, Legal executives, their families and trainees have organised yacht racing and cruising events under the golden shark burgee of the LSYC.

Most recent event

Team racing against the Bar Yacht Club:
Seaview YC June 4th, 2017

We sailed against the Bar, the House of Commons and Lloyds of London at Seaview Yacht Club in the Mermaids on Sunday 4th June 2017.
The format was similar to last year. Sea View Yacht Club, Esplanade, Seaview, Isle of Wight, PO34 5HB.

This was a great day's racing in the historic Seaview Mermaids in good company and we managed to beat The Bar on this occassion reversing last year's result, which was very satisfying.

If you are not a LSYC member yet but would like to join our team then please get your application in ASAP, the details are here.



2.Treasurer’s Report + approval of accounts
3.Election of Committee
4.Finance policy
a.Level of subscriptions
b.Level of support for events
5.Potential Events for 2018/19
6.Any Other Business

Report on the previous non-quorate AGM


Just a very quick update on the scheduled AGM. 

There were 4 attendees as follows, Frances Marshall (FM), Chantal Thompson (CT), Jeremy Thomas (JT) and Finbarr Leahy (FL). Unfortunately this was not a quorum, but we did have a useful discussion.  Strictly speaking, the only business which required a quorum to discuss was approval of the accounts for the preceding 7 years, so that business will have to  be held over.

The attendees did have a useful discussion on a number of matters

Club logo and tie. 

Jeremy is arranging for a revised design. The design will cost about £350.  We can then use the design to order ties, scares and burgees.  It would be in addition to the cost of producing the merchandise but those present thought it would be a useful marketing investment.  The 3 committee members present agreed that the expenditure was reasonable and subsequently this expenditure was agreed by the Committee by email. Once Jeremy has sorted out the design FL will source a company to produce the goods and CT has agreed to be the repository of the goodies.


Those at the meeting were keen that we try to organise some events this year. We think two events is manageable and would encourage more activity.  One would be the Bar match. The other potential event would be a weekend, which FM is already organising during the week following Christmas.

Other matters. 

Subscriptions.  I did not receive subscriptions for all of the members who joined in 2013 so I need to ask those concerned to check their standing orders. I will write separately to those concerned to ask them to re-submit the standing order.

I will be back in London in the spring (in February and probably March) so I hope we can try another attempt at an AGM.


We spent £20 of club funds at the meeting on refreshments.

Finbarr Leahy


Here was our 2016 team and the Bar YC, lead by Briggs LJ, who won, on this occasion.

LSYC Team: From left to right: Nick Lightbody; Ben Holden; Antony Ball, Alex Askew, Will Jackson, Finbarr, Michael Dew and Francis Marshall.
The Bar YC


Law Society Gazette 13 May 2013 - by Finbarr Leahy