Founded in 1952

The inaugural meeting of the club was held on 5th December 1952 at The Law Society's Hall attended by twenty-five prospective members, a constitution was accepted and the club applied for recognition by what was then the Yacht Racing Association, now the RYA.

There were 58 founding members each owning anything between a 14 foot dinghy and in the case of Mr Laurence Legg a 50 ton auxiliary sloop.

The first event was planned to be a rally the weekend before the Round the Island race, ideally with dinner at The George at Yarmouth.

In the event the rally was reported as a great success with 14 yachts taking part.

The club official burgee was registered with Lloyds Register of Shipping as a gold shark on a dark blue background.

The club's original officers were:

Commodore: Mr. Laurence I. Legg

Vice Commodore and Hon. Treasurer: Mr. J. Eldon Walker

Rear Commodore and Hon. Secretary: Mr Eric G. Marshall

Committee: Mssrs D. Johnson, P. R. Kimber, K.A.B. Wilson, J.G. Bosman G.D. Glanville and S. Perry